I'm a 30 Seconds to Mars's Believer

I'm a 30 Seconds to Mars's Believer

Monday, June 4, 2012


Yo gaba gaba


Hari ni result Final Semester MRSM JB keluar.
Excited plus gerun.
Ta sabar2 nak tunggu PC kat rumah.
Tengok result guna phone.
Lepastu gelak.

Sebab apa gelak?
Apa yang funny?
Adakah ini satu funny?
Aku gelak sebab...

Markah Add Math aku teruk.
Repeat repeat.


you see this right? you think no one would care if you died? no one would notice. Well you’re wrong. I would. and so would so many other people. The girls in your school who didn’t always acknowledge you? they’ll blame themselves. The boy or girl that rejected you? they’ll blame themselves. Everyone will go around saying what a beautiful person you were and how they didn’t see the signs, when really, everyone saw the signs. I promise you, people think you’re beautiful, someone loves you. People are afraid to admit defeat about their feelings. Somebody wants you, somebody needs you. Your mom, your dad, your grandma, your sister, your brother, your best friend? they need you. For all you know, you could be their rock, without you, they might just die. You affect everyone around you, your actions, the things you do. Your smile, might just make someone elses day. Your laugh, might be music to someones ears. So please, listen to me. Put down the pills. Put down the gun. Put down the rope. Put down the razor. You’re strong, you’re beautiful and i believe in you.
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So yeah.
Aku rasa aku girl dalam kelas tu yang pointer nye rendah bagai.

What evs.
That's the past.
Malas den nak pikir doh.

So after spending a few days kat Selangor.
Mostly Shah Alam,Klang , and Batu Arang and Subang Jaya.
Am back Home!!
Home sweeeeet homee...
Patutnye balik semalam after pergi IAMM.
But then macik ku ajak stay for another night and pergi iCity.

iCity ta best.
ada lampu. tu je.

oh. and akak aku dapat masuk Mansoura University~!
meh meh meh. kat Egypt.
Am so proud of her.
Dia amek medic. WEEE~
Finally we're havin a medic student in the family.
Alhamdullillah <3

Ok lah. tu je. aku bosan.
tadi aku nak update banyak2. tapi lepas tuh dah bosan.
so aku pun nak korang bosan gak.
so let's bosan sama2 and tekan x kat atas tuh.
Aku tatau dah nak tulis hape dah ha.

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