I'm a 30 Seconds to Mars's Believer

I'm a 30 Seconds to Mars's Believer

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

if only you would understand.


i know i'm stupid.
and how i got those grades are a miracle.

now i regret writing those entry.
my niat is just to be honest.
and that's what i got.

disebabkan aku not that good in words.

am gonna let these tumblr picture do the job.

mostly, my feeling right now is like this.

apa yang saya nak.
is just that we're free of troubles.

I believe you.
niat nak believe.
and yeah I believe.
with just an edge of doubt.
and guess what?
even that so.
i still try to love you with all my heart.

sekejap lagi terasa nak buat camnih:

i colud have this guy:
but i choose you.

i do realise salah aku though,
yang aku ni selalu sangat 
and that selalu buat kita gado.
but i overthinking.
sebab nak the best for us.

harap sangat buleh lari dari masalah nih.

thanks daya cause hear my problem.
i appreciate that.

hmm.. i lied when i say im okay.
most of the time i lied.

this problem makes me miss my dad.
i miss you dad.
kalau ayah ada.
maybe non of this would've happen.
i miss you badly :)

now i'm crying.

im going to fight for this.
believe me i will.

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