I'm a 30 Seconds to Mars's Believer

I'm a 30 Seconds to Mars's Believer

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Think of who will find your lifeless body. Your parents? Your best friend? Your mate? Your sibling? they won’t know what to do. They’ll stand there and stare. Then they’ll go to you, cut the rope, grab your wrists, wrap a towel around your throat. It couldn’t be true right? You couldn’t be gone. You were doing better, you were going to be ok. But you weren’t, and then you were just gone. Leaving everyone wondering, was it really my fault?
sick to say…but every time i’ve considered suicide…i didn’t really care who found me….i just wanted to be dead…and all i could think about was it wouldn’t matter who found me because i’d be dead anyway and wouldn’t be there to see any of it.
i’m messed up.
To be honest, I couldn’t name a single person who would care if I died tonight, and that really fucking scares me. I’d be surprised if anyone even noticed I was gone.

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