I'm a 30 Seconds to Mars's Believer

I'm a 30 Seconds to Mars's Believer

Sunday, February 5, 2012

the thing is.


'When a girl loves you, No matter how many times you fuck up, no matter how big the mistake, she always finds a way to forgive you. No matter what you did, no matter how stupid you acted, she finds it in her to work things out with you, to compromise and keep the two of you strong. That’s why women deserve more respect; they don’t give up on relationships like guys do. Guys could learn a thing or two from you ladies.'

February suppose to be the month of love.
but i suppose .
it's better to be in love with myself.
rather than to be with you.

someday they'll see your true colours.
hope you'l be prepare.

the lies,
you know i hate lies.
but then.
you still giving lies.
it's okay.
i'm cool.
but you arent


and after this.
i wont give a damn.
about anything that you say.
i hate you now.
but i guess i hate myself more.
because didnt see you true colours earlier.

now with broken heart.
tears and bloody nose.

i realise what i shoul've done.
month before.
years before.

i thought you were different.
but you arent
now that i've blocked you out.
i hope that i'll be cured.
even though it will never be the same.


'my hands they were strong
but my knees were far too weak
to stand in your arm
without falling to your knees'

i wish you the best of luck
and i hope that you'l change.
i wish that i will be able to frget you.
and i hope.
that they will see your true colours.

im sorry.
but i cant take it anymore.
maybe they can share.
but i cant.
that's not me.

you remember when i said.
im sure that we'll last forever?
im really sure at that time
but now.
it's hard to get hopes up.

i know right now i still love you.
at this very moment.
but it's okay.
i'll find my way to move on.

i have my friend by my side where you dont.
i trust my friend where you dont.

wish you the best of luck.
even though i dont believe in luck.


for everything.
you change me for who i am right now.
and im grateful by that.
or by now i wont be able to write this.

'nevermind i'll find someone better than you.'

Salam Maulidur Rasul.

Selamat Tinggal mr.D
Assalammualaikum Nur Hidayat Razlan.

p/s: tucen addmath jap lagi. wuwuw. najwa,ikhlas najwa! haha.
hope aku ta mengantuk. killer add math ~

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