I'm a 30 Seconds to Mars's Believer

I'm a 30 Seconds to Mars's Believer

Friday, June 3, 2011

life sucks and everyone knows that


never been fair..
and you can see the proof everywhere..
there's no such thing like a good life to me..
my world is like a special built hell..

aku still ta berbaik dengan mak aku..
aku malas..
aku tanak..

tadi aku ada wat test..
saje je..boring..
test tuh tajuk dia what kind of daughter are you..
so it really catch my eyes la..
bile test tu da habis..
ku dapat keputusannya ..
ang guess what? with no suprise...aku dapat..:

disrespectful daughter.

aku rase memang patut kut dapat..
aku pun pilih jawapan yang macam budak ta de jiwa punya..
nak buat macam mane..kenyataan..

what's the point on loving someone who seems like doesnt even care abot you.
i know i need that.
but damned i've try..and guess what i got in return..
such a bullshit..

wishing on  never coming home..
that's not a home by the's some kinda hellhole..
very injustice..

living in the midst of high achiever aint all waltz..
always been compared..
tengok tu cara along kemas umah..kau?
kau nih...cuba la jadi macam along..
im sick of being compared.
i just wanna be what im.
and god knows what it is.

i just cant wait on being an adult..

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cyda said...

relax farah.. akuh ta twu na chakap pew tpy akuh rsew akuh ad experience yg cmew cm kaw..

MiSs EverythingOkay said...

she love you so,
just she dunt know how to show it. .
maybe she already show it,
just you dunt realise it~
btw,show her that you are better than your sister kay !
love you <3

wawa said...

hmmm...yela...terima kasih atas moral support korang..:)


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